Email marketing is vital for a company to reach more people and bring back recurring customers. An email campaign is an important email marketing tactic for movers. Email campaigning will enable a company to consistently get important information to its audience.

This type of email marketing is used by all food delivery companies such as Uber Eats or Door Dash. They send out email campaigns of 25% off an order or 40% off an order depending on when the consumer last purchased the app. Eventually, the deals become so good that the consumer relents and uses the discount. This is an effective type of email marketing.

An email campaign is part of this quickly growing digital world. It’s a way to hook a consumer while they scroll through their emails. Tempting them with deals they can’t pass up. This type of email marketing is perfect marketing for movers who need to reach a larger audience.

Email Marketing for Movers

Email Marketing for Movers: Your Next Step

Marketing for movers can be a tricky process as you are trying to sell a service in a competitive industry. Properly setting up and creating an email campaign for your moving company may be tricky. You should try to understand how email marketing and marketing for movers works. Knowing what you want to tell your potential consumer will help you create a perfect email campaign

Why is an email marketing campaign a vital part of an overall marketing plan?

Having an email campaign is a vital part of an overall marketing plan because it has such a high return on investment. Meaning that using this type of email marketing will positively impact your company. This is because there is little risk in email campaigning. It would be hard for an email campaign to hurt your business.

Digital Agency for Movers

Why does a moving company need email marketing?

A moving company needs to partake in email marketing because it is a way to reach more consumers and increase repeat consumers. Email campaigns can easily be forwarded by happy customers. Your email campaign could then land in someone’s inbox who isn’t even subscribed to you.

People are constantly searching for moving companies to help them. Having a pop-up with an interesting deal and a spot to enter their email gives them the incentive to use your moving company. After they sign up for your email campaign, they will become a part of a community.

Email campaigns will keep a moving company in touch with its consumers. Sending out periodic emails about your moving company or deals will help a consumer remember the company as well.

How to plan a successful email marketing campaign for moving companies?

There are 4 steps you should follow to start a successful email marketing campaign. These steps will make creating an email campaign for your moving company easy.

1. Create a Goal

Before starting to develop an email campaign you should understand why you are creating one. Coming up with a goal will make the process of email marketing easier. You should consider if you are creating one because you want more website traffic, brand awareness, or another specific reason.

Once you understand the reason for your email campaign you can decide how you would like to get there. Making sure your email campaign goes on the path you want it to will make it successful. If you don’t have a direction for the goal to go in, then you won’t get anywhere.

2. Understand Your Industry and Define your Audience

Understanding your audience and what they want out of your industry is the second step to creating a successful email campaign. In the moving industry it is easy to generalize that consumers want an easy move that is cheap. However, each consumer is a unique individual. Depending on where they live or what their interests are, they may have different needs than your company may think.

To define your audience for your email campaign you should put each subscriber in a category. It is optional but can help you understand your audience better. These categories can be based on several factors. From age, location, if they have a family, if they are married, to what their hobbies are. It is up to your moving company to decide how you would like to target your audience.

3.Choose an effective email campaign type

There are a variety of different email campaigns that you can choose to use. Some email campaigns are more effective than others. When picking the proper email campaign, you should keep your goal and audience in mind. Some of the more popular ones are:


These types of email marketing are one of the most popular. They are generally non-promotional. Email Marketing that provides information about an industry or updates.

For a moving company’s email campaign these newsletters could include updates on new equipment, advancements with the company, or tips that the consumer should take when getting ready to move.

This type of email campaign is great for moving companies because it helps build a relationship with a consumer. These newsletters would be sent out on a regular basis to constantly help or inform your consumer.

Cart Abandonment Campaigns

This type of email marketing reminds a consumer that they may have left something in their cart. Which for a moving company may not be the most useful as there is not much that a consumer could add to their cart.

If your moving company sells various items or packages that consumers can leave in a cart, then this type of email campaign may be right for your company. If your moving company asks for a call or email for rates, then this may not be the best.

Welcome Email Series

This type of email marketing is simple and inviting to new subscribers. When a new subscriber signs up with your email campaign, they will get a message welcoming them to the company.

Welcome emails usually come with a call to action. After welcoming them to the subscriber list your moving company can offer their phone number to give them a call, a link to click on to look at the type of moving packages you may have or reviews of your company.

These email campaigns get opened 50% of the time and are a great way to start out if you are unsure of what email campaign is best for your company.

Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are sent to subscribers at various times throughout the year. These email campaigns are not as inviting and relationship-building as the others, but they are effective.

There are specific times of the year when people move more often than others. Such as when college starts or ends, the end of the year when consumer’s leases are up, and others. Renters are constantly moving at the end of a month and sending out an email campaign at the end of the month would be a good marketing tactic.

Marketing for movers should look at this email campaign this may be one to use after you have established a good relationship with your subscribers.

Announcement Emails

These campaign emails are used to announce something about your company or relevant to your company. If your company is having a discounted moving rate, new services, or expanding this may be the perfect email campaign.

Announcement emails are a great way to keep in touch with your repeat consumers. They can stay up to date on where your company is headed.

4. Decide when to send out your email campaign

After you have created your perfect email campaign, timing is of the essence. You will want to send out your email campaign when your consumers are awake and paying attention to their emails.

It has been shown that the best time to send an email campaign out is during the weekdays in the morning, afternoon, and night when people are checking their emails.

For effective email marketing, you want to decide on a date and time to send out your email campaign on a consistent basis.

How to determine if an email campaign is successful?

To determine if your email campaign is successful, you’ll want to check the statistics. Depending on how you decide to create your email campaign you may be able to see click rates, open rates, and conversion rates. You should determine in your goal which of these you want to use to track your email campaign. Along with how many you would like to see.

Email marketing is a new and effective way of marketing for movers. These email campaigns allow your company to reach a wide range of consumers while staying connected with loyal consumers. Following the 4 steps to creating a successful email campaign will ensure your moving company gets the traffic you want to see. In this fast-moving digital age keeping up with a marketing tactic such as email campaigning will help your company grow with the times.

Email Marketing for Movers

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