Moving Lead Generation

The fast-moving digital age may be easy to miss out on. Marketing opportunities such as leads present themselves daily. The hardest part about these leads is making sure that you are ready for when they present themselves. Knowing how to incorporate leads and use them in your moving company will aid in your success.

Leads are one of the most important parts of this fast-moving digital age. Ancient marketing tactics such as cold calling and spam no longer work. Consumers want meaningful relationships, educating content, and consistent messaging. The easiest and most effective way to keep up would be with the use of moving leads.

Moving Lead Generation
Lead Generation for Moving Company

Lead Generation and Marketing for Moving Companies

Using proper lead generation will improve your moving company’s marketing. Bringing more traffic to your website with possibilities of the consumer choosing your moving company to help them throughout their life.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a way to peak consumer interest. A lead is anyone who is interested in your company but has not yet taken action to buy. Once you have a consumer’s interest you must then guide the lead in the direction of a purchase.

As mentioned above, the most important lead generations are building meaningful relationships with leads, producing educating content that engages a lead, and consistent messaging from your company through multiple channels to stay relevant. These are types of lead generations that are used nowadays and what will turn leads into long lasting customers.

Should I Buy Leads for My Moving Company?

There is no define yes or no answer for this question. Deciding on whether you should buy moving leads for your moving company is unique to your company’s situation. If you are unsure of how to start, then maybe you should buy moving leads for your until you can generate your own.

Once you understand more about your company and how moving leads affect your company then you can start to generate your own. Leads are easy to generate but understanding the most effective way may take trial and error. Buying leads can help with this and give you time to think about which moving leads you want to use and not use.

What does “buying leads” mean?

Buying leads means that you would be purchasing contact information from a third party that collects consumer data. Instead of generating your own leads, a third party would do it for you and then sell the leads to you. Purchased leads may be useful or useless depending on how much you are willing to spend.

marketing Leads

Pros and Cons of buying Leads

The two types of leads that you can buy is shared or exclusive leads. Each offer something slightly different. It would be most useful for a moving company to buy exclusive moving leads but depending on what you feel your company needs, shared leads may be just fine.

Shared Leads

These leads can be bought in large quantities but are shared with other companies. Meaning that if you buy these leads, there will likely be other moving companies targeting the same leads. This makes getting these leads to turn into customers more difficult. However, they are usually cheaper and come with a high quantity.

Exclusive leads

These leads are exclusive just for your moving company. They are high quality, and you will not have direct competition for these moving leads. The cons are that they are generally pricier and come in lower quantities. However, it may be worth it if your moving company is struggling to generate quality leads.

Both leads have their pros and cons. You should analyze your moving company to see which type you may need to buy.

Is Buying Leads Overall a Good Strategy

Overall, buying leads is a good strategy if you have the money and are buying the correct leads. For a moving company, you will likely need to buy exclusive leads for them to be effective. You may be better off generating your own leads if you are buying shared leads.

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How to generate leads for moving companies

There are various ways to generate leads for your moving company. These are some of the best ways to generate moving leads:



Referrals are an easy way to obtain moving leads while not having to do much work. Customers that loved your service may give out referral on their own, but your moving company can just ask for one. It is as easy as sending out a thank you and suggesting a referral.


Direct Mail

This lead generation method will likely cost money and may be time consuming so hiring a company to do this may be best. However, it is possible to do this on your own.

If you want to do it on your own, you will need to make a list of those who are selling their home in the area and get their information. Then you can send them mail about your moving company because they will need one


Network and Collaborate

Another easy way to get leads is by networking and collaborating with apartments or storage facilities. Being partnered with apartment complexes or storage facilities will certainly generate moving leads.

There are various other ways to generate leads. Decide which is the best for your moving company depends on what you think is the best way to generate moving leads.


Pay Per Click

You can generate leads for your moving company by using Google Ads. This way your moving company’s website will be the first to appear when someone searches for a moving company. You only pay when someone clicks on your website as well.

While pay-per-click is a good way to generate moving leads, your website needs to be able to catch their attention. So that those clicks turn into leads and those leads turn into customers.

What are the best and worst ways to generate leads?

The best ways to generate leads are to give value and to prove yourself. Your moving company needs to show that it has something of value that differentiates itself from the rest. Whether it be fast service, a first timers deal, etc. Then your moving company needs to prove itself by doing a good job. This will generate good reviews which will lead to the generation of moving leads.

 The worst way to generate leads is by being cheap, not communicating your value properly, and by asking for too much information. If you buy a ton of useless leads for cheap it is likely that those leads will never go anywhere so don’t be cheap if you want to buy moving leads.

 Not communicating the value of your moving company is another bad way to generate leads. The consumer will not care for your company if there is no value. Another way you won’t gain a lead is by asking for too much information. Most consumers are only willing to give out a name, email, and phone number. Try not to ask for more unless it is necessary.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a business plan that shows how a company will market themselves to consumers to obtain leads and to have those leads use their products or services. The strategy includes a business goal and process to obtain that goal.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Moving Company

Why are marketing strategies important to any company?

Marketing strategies are important to any company because it is an organized plan. You need an organized plan for your moving company. A marketing strategy will allow you to reach the audience you want and not waste time on those who aren’t in need of a moving company.

A marketing strategy will keep your moving company relevant among moving leads. This means that you won’t be forgotten. This also means that you will not be spending money in places that you don’t need to.

How to boost sales with the best moving leads

The first way you can boost sales with the best moving leads is by having those leads become customers and them referring your moving company to their friends or family. These referrals can be as simple as giving a lead $20 off for each friend that they refer. 

The second way you can boost sales with the best moving leads is by sending discount codes to them. Such as how Uber Eats will send discount codes to entice a lead that already wants to order. Most of the time these discount codes cause a lead to cave and become a customer.

Moving Company Sales


Deciding the best way to find moving leads for your moving company may take some time and money. Even so, once you create the prefect marketing strategy and way to turn those moving leads into customers, you’ll hit the ground running. Lead generation is one of the most important marketing tactics there is in this fast-moving digital age and you can’t miss out.


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