Moving companies face tough competition in the industry. From short-term moves to moves across the country, moving companies offer a wide array of services. With that said, there are a lot of companies trying to increase their customer base. With so much competition, you want your company to be first on an individual’s moving company list. So, how do you accomplish this goal? With local SEO strategies! 

Moving Company SEO

Local SEO to Boost Your Google Rankings

Many people use the Google search engine when they want to find answers to various questions. One question that comes up a lot relates to moving companies. People may search “moving companies near me” and peruse the results that quickly appear from that search. Not many people will page through the results to find the options past the first or second page of results. That’s why you need your company to rank high on the Google search results! You want your moving company’s name to be on the first page, if possible. One way to do so is through local SEO. 

Local SEO can boost Google rankings and help your company name find its way to the computer and smartphone screens of people in your area who need a mover. Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) method that helps your business gain more visibility on Google local search results. This type of SEO ensures that your company name lands in the hands of individuals in your geographic area who need a mover and are actively searching for this type of professional. And with so much competition out there today, you want it to be your name that the Google search user sees, not that of your local competitors.  

Reasons Moving Companies Should Invest in Local SEO

With many ways to use your marketing budget, you may wonder what ways are best. Local SEO strategies provide one excellent way to advertise your moving company and ensure visibility to people in your area. Here are some reasons to use local SEO in your marketing strategies: 

Local SEO

Local SEO Targets a Local Audience

When your business uses local SEO methods, you’re attracting your target audience in the local area. SEO in general is an ideal marketing strategy, but if it’s not locally focused, you may be reaching the wrong target audience altogether. With local SEO, you can attract people to your business’s marketing efforts who live in the area you service. Therefore, these individuals are the ones who would want to use your moving services and you don’t waste time and money marketing to people outside of the local area.   

Affordable SEO Packages

SEO Marketing is Affordable

In addition, SEO is an affordable marketing strategy. Print advertisements, billboard rentals, and brand ambassadors can be costly. However, SEO strategies offer an equally if not more successful way to draw in new customers and do so at a fraction of the cost. You can put keywords in your online content which will connect people from search engines to your website. Plus, you can put in local target keywords so you draw in the right customers, i.e., people in the local vicinity who can actually use your moving company services.   

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategies Deliver Results

When people are searching for a moving company, they’ll have plenty of options available to them online. But they want to use a company that is located in the general vicinity. When your company uses local SEO strategies, your efforts will get results. You’ll reach the potential customers in your area and be able to show them all you have to offer in the way of moving services. 

Increase Leads from Local Customers with Local SEO Services

The primary purpose of local SEO services is to increase leads from local customers. You don’t just want your website and service offerings to be seen, you want people to hire you as their moving company. You can increase your chances by getting a lot of leads. Here are some ways to increase leads from local customers by using local SEO services: 

Use Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent lead generation strategy. This type of strategy is a way for your business to manage your online presence across Google. Google My Business works with other on-page and off-page SEO efforts. When you have a Google My Business profile, you’ll be more likely to be in the top three results based on keywords search engine users type in.  

Content Marketing for Movers
Update Page Content

The page content on your website should be updated whenever possible. You want this content to be engaging in addition to containing keywords. The more engaging and informative your site content is, the more likely it is that you can turn website visitors into customers.  

Perform Keyword Research

You want to make sure the keywords you include in your website, blog content, and other online content has the right keywords included. In addition, relevant keywords change periodically so you want to make sure to continually perform keyword research so you have the right keywords included to generate leads.

Create Backlink Strategy

Backlink strategy is another way to use keywords for lead generation. You can contribute content to other websites and create backlinks to connect to your website. This type of strategy may increase leads for your moving company.  

How Local SEO Services Impact Your Moving Business

When you focus on local SEO services, your business will reap the benefits. You want to attract customers in your local area. You don’t want to reach an audience that’s located states away. When you use local SEO services, you can tailor your online content to attract the right target audience. Here’s how local SEO services impact your moving business: 

Draw In New Customers

When you use local SEO strategies, your moving business can draw in new customers. People who are searching for a moving company will often turn to the Google search engine to start their search. You want their search to end there once they find your company! 

Attract Local Customers

It’s not just potential new customers you want to attract, but new local customers. When you use a local SEO method in your marketing efforts, you can attract local Internet users who are looking for a moving company.   

Turns Leads into Customers

Once you attract potential customers via local SEO, you want to turn these leads into actual customers. This is why your online content must be top-notch. It’s not enough to draw people in to visit your website and blog. You have to entice them with the right type of content that’s laden with the best SEO keywords.  

Your Business Makes Money

Once you draw local customers in and show them why your moving company is the best choice, your business makes money. You will be able to get the new clients and increase your commercial income.  

Google Maps Dominated Local SEO Marketing for Movers

You don’t just want your business to be listed on Google Maps…you want it to dominate it! You want to rank as high as possible on Google Maps for the ideal local SEO marketing results. Make sure you fill out all the information on your Google My Business profile. Also, add photos whenever possible. In addition, make sure you add all your contact information and include directions to your business. You’ll also want to ask for reviews about your company and respond to any reviews posted. All these factors will help you dominate Google Maps. 

Local SEO

Local SEO Map and Website are Interlinked

The local SEO map and Google My Business profile can direct people to your website. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the contact information is correct. You want your business to appear in the local map pack results, which are the top three results in your area related to keywords in your industry. If your business appears in these search results, you’re going to be the first to be seen amongst others in the moving industry. When people see your name in the local map pack results list, they can go directly to your website. Once on your website, you can impress them by highlighting all that your moving company offers in the way of moving services. 

Improve Your Reach with Local SEO

Don’t let your moving company get pushed aside in search engine results. Use local SEO strategies to your advantage and have your moving company name be seen by many. Marketing Moving can help!

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