As you run the daily business operations of your moving company, you’ll find that there are many moving parts to your business. You must provide top-notch moving services, gather a great team, and ensure your customers are happy. One aspect of running a moving company business is to make sure you have a good reputation. You want your reputation to precede you in a good way. Since there’s a lot of competition in this industry, you want to be the best moving company on the list. For this reason, reputation management is essential in the moving industry.   

Online Reputation Management

Grow Your Moving Business By Controlling Your Online Reputation Management

Reputation management relates to any business activities taken to help shape a customer’s opinion of your business when it comes to your online presence. This type of management may cover online reviews, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, and more. Reputation management is important as people look to the firsthand experience of others when considering a business for products and services. This is true with moving companies as well.  

Let’s face it. The better your online reputation is, the more likely you are to get new customers. Many people use the Internet to find businesses that offer the services and products they’re looking for in general. When the company has a good online reputation, the individual may be much more likely to choose that particular business over others that may not have as good a reputation. One way a business’s reputation is highlighted is through online reviews.  

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Moving Companies

Online reviews are important for many businesses, but especially for moving companies. First, there is a lot of competition in the moving industry. You want your company to stand out from the rest. An easy way to do so is through stellar online reviews. If someone is comparing your moving company to another mover, and you have better reviews, you may be more likely to gain their business.  

Also, most people don’t move a lot. So, chances are that they won’t have much experience using multiple movers. The best way for these individuals to find out if your moving company is right for them is to read what others say about their experience with your company. If the experience level is high and the results positive, these reviews may convince the prospective customer to become an actual one.  

In addition, online reviews show your lengthy history in the business. If you have a lot of online reviews, prospective customers can tell this isn’t your first move. You have years of experience in the moving industry and the positive nature of the reviews show the reader that you know exactly what you’re doing and do it right.  


How Moving Companies Can Improve Their Online Reviews

Not all reviews your company receives may be positive. Even if most online reviews on your company highlight your beneficial aspects, there may be a few that aren’t five-star ratings. Don’t worry! There are ways to fix this, and a reputation management provider can help. 

The most important thing to do when you receive a less than satisfactory review is to make it right. Respond to all reviews, but especially those that may be imperfect with your business. Address the issues noted and show that you care to make changes so that your services are nothing short of perfection. 

Another way to improve online reviews pertaining to your business is to make your positive reviews outshine the less than positive ones. If your company receives future reviews and they are positive ones, these items will make the bad reviews less hurtful to your business. Just make sure the positive reviews are honest ones from actual customers.  

In addition, your company can improve its online review section by handling any complaints offline. If someone has a negative comment, make sure you apologize for any issue and say you’d love to discuss the topic by phone or email. This will help prevent any further damage being done by having them respond with further complaints. In the end, what online review viewers see is a moving company that cares about their customers and wants to remedy the situation. 

You should also respond to each comment individually and in a unique manner. Don’t have a single response for all bad online reviews. Taking the time to create a unique response will be to your advantage. It will show that there is an actual person responding to these complaints and that the response is not an automated one.   

Build Credibility by Monitoring and Controlling Online Reviews

You want your moving company to be a credible entity in the industry. The best way to make sure your company is treated as such is to have good online reviews. You can build this credibility up by monitoring online reviews and controlling how these items are portrayed. When you have the right online reputation management company by your side, you don’t have to handle this important and timely duty. You can leave it to the professionals!  

The online reputation management specialist will keep an eye on your online company reviews, social media, and other online content to ensure your company is seen in the best way. Should there be any unfavorable reviews out there, the strategist will take the necessary steps to build up your credibility even with these reviews in place.  

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Choosing the Best Online Reputation Management Service

Since you’re extremely busy handling your moving company’s daily operations, it’s a good idea to hand over the online reputation management duties to an industry professional. When you sign up for an online reputation management service, look at whether the company offers many or all the following features:  

Reputation Management

The industry professional will analyze your current online reputation. The representative will see what your current reputation looks like and then take the necessary steps to fix it when needed. 

Review Management

When you hire a reputation management specialist, this professional also handles review management services. They’ll read reviews of your company and respond accordingly. In addition, this professional will use certain strategies to encourage positive reviews of your company.  

SEO and Management

SEO and management is another service that an online reputation management professional often offers. This type of service will help your business content get to the top of the list when it comes to search engine results. After all, you want potential customers to see your moving company’s name first before they see your competitor’s name.

Social Media Monitoring and Management

Social media is a spot where people leave a lot of comments, both good and bad. An online reputation management specialist can monitor your social media accounts and ensure your social media presence is the best it can be. Your reputation management professional can even be responsible for adding content to your social media accounts.  

Content Development and Management

Content development and management is another important duty which online reputation management pros handle. Articles, press releases, and videos can be created which put your moving company’s service offerings and latest news out there for all to have access to which promotes the positive aspects of your company. 

Competitor Monitoring

It’s also important you know what the competition is up to, and your online reputation management specialist can handle this duty for you. Competitor monitoring consists of looking at online stories about your competitors and checking out online reviews they receive to see how your company compares overall.  

All these services help your company portray the best reputation to current and future customers. Your online reputation management provider may offer some or all of these services.  

Take Control of Your Online Presence with ORM Services

You might think there isn’t much you can do when your moving company receives negative online reviews, but it’s not so! You can take control of your online presence by utilizing online reputation management, or ORM, services. Your ORM specialist can monitor your company reviews and respond to them in the correct manner. Don’t feel helpless as if there is nothing you can do to combat bad reviews.  

Reviews are so important for all businesses, but especially moving companies. With so many other movers out there, you don’t want people to pass your company by simply because you have a few bad reviews. Your ORM service specialist will take the time to handle complaints and highlight your business team members and service offerings in a positive way.   

Obtain Online Reputation Management Services Today

Let’s talk about your moving business online reputation. Now’s the time to employ strategies to combat negative reviews online and give your moving company the right type of exposure. Our team uses a wide array of strategies for the best online reputation management. Repair, protect, and enhance your brand’s digital reputation. We can help!