As you look into marketing strategies for your moving company, you may wonder what type of marketing method is best. You may be familiar with content marketing, such as SEO for web page content and blog content. However, there is another popular marketing option you may not be as familiar with which is Pay Per Click advertising.   

Pay Per Click advertising, which is also known as PPC advertising and PPC marketing, is an online marketing strategy your moving company should learn about. This online marketing method offers your moving company a way to expand its business each time someone clicks on your ad that is shown via various online avenues. In return for the opportunity to gain leads and possibly new customers, you’ll pay a small amount of money every time someone clicks on your online advertisement. PPC advertising is ready to go once it is set up with your online marketing ad in place. 

PPC Marketing

Grow Your Moving Business with Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising provides a marketing method for your moving company to grow its business by using an easy online marketing strategy. Every time an Internet user clicks on your online PPC ad, you have the opportunity to gain a new customer. PPC ads for movers help you get the word out on your business and gain leads which may in turn develop into customers. Your moving company will pay money every time an Internet user clicks on your advertisement, so you should factor this cost into your online marketing budget. As a result, this strategy may possibly mean a new customer heading your way in the near future.  

Benefits of PPC Marketing

If you are wondering how PPC advertising for moving companies can help your business, you will want to consider the benefits of this type of online marketing. PPC marketing benefits include the following:

  • PPC advertising brings potential customers to your website and gets your moving company name seen by a large number of people. 
  • PPC marketing helps you to increase sales by showing your products and services to potential customers. 
  • Moving companies can keep advertising costs low by using PPC advertising, where your business only pays when someone clicks on the link to your company website. 
  • With PPC advertising, you can view your ad performance in real time and analyze how this type of moving company marketing is working for you. 
PPC Advertising
  • PPC marketing can lead to remarketing which results in brand recognition. 
  • PPC advertising is an easy marketing strategy to put into motion.  

With all these benefits of PPC advertising, it is easy to see why many companies, including moving companies, use this type of marketing tool. 

Popular Platforms for PPC Advertising

There are many platforms for your PPC advertising ventures. From Google Ads to YouTube, you can use PPC marketing on a variety of online sites. You may want to even use a few different platforms to increase your chances of your company name being seen. Here are some popular platforms to try when you start a PPC marketing campaign:  

Google Ads 

One of the most popular PPC advertising methods is Google Ads. Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is a Pay Per Click advertising method that many people choose for its name alone. Since Google searches are frequent with Internet users, it stands to reason that companies would want to set up PPC marketing on Google Ads. Due to its popularity, Google Ads charge a higher Pay Per Click rate than some of the competition, so you will have to factor this into your budget calculations to see if it is worth the money. Keep in mind that by using a PPC marketing strategy such as Google Ads, you may be able to turn a lot of leads into eventual sales. 


Bing is another popular search engine that hosts PPC marketing. You can advertise your moving company ads on Bing and have them seen by search engine users on this site. You will likely pay less for Bing PPC ads but the audience that sees your ads will be less in number as well. You will have to decide if you want to spend a little more and go with Google Ads or spend a bit less and see how a PPC marketing campaign on Bing works for your moving company.  


The popular video website YouTube will get your moving company ads seen online. YouTube ads are PPC advertisements in video form. These online marketing ads will be a lot like Google Ads, since it is the same owner, but will advertise your moving company in video form. These ads will play at some point before, after, or during the video you are currently watching. 

Social Media

Social media is another platform where your PPC campaigns for moving company needs can be met. You can post your PPC ads on certain social media platforms and have them seen by many users. Social media is a good place to put your online marketing strategies to work.  


With Facebook ads you can target users based on demographics and sell your services to those who would be most interested in obtaining them. You can also use Facebook ads on Instagram to expand your reach as one of your chosen PPC ads for movers. Online marketing often features Facebook ads as this type of advertisement tends to draw people in. Once the PPC marketing campaign creates a lead, you can turn this lead into a sale.  


You can focus on text ads on LinkedIn and show off your moving company business offerings to reach the people you want to offer your moving company services to online.  


With geofencing PPC marketing, you are creating PPC ads that have a specific location in mind. Therefore, you can target an audience in a specific geographic area so you are selling your moving company’s services to the people in your area who may need your moving assistance.  


With programmatic PPC advertising, the buying and selling of advertising space is done through online automation. This process relies on AI technology to create your company’s ads. These ads are quite remarkable, as they are fully created by AI, but are also individual to your company and contextual to what you’d like the client to see. These ads also automatically adjust to the age, gender, and other demographics that you want to target.   

Moving Company PPC Marketing: Generating Quality Moving Leads 

With PPC advertising for moving companies, you do not just want people to click on the ad links. You want these leads to turn into actual customers. After all, when you experience leads, this will only lead to money for your company if the leads turn to sales. This is accomplished when a person books your moving company to handle their upcoming move. So, how does PPC marketing generate quality leads for your moving company? 

In a few different ways! 

How Does PPC Marketing Increase Leads and Sales?  

PPC marketing can help your moving company increase leads and ultimately bump up your sales numbers. With the help of Pay Per Click advertising, you can have your moving company noticed by people who may not have otherwise found out about your offerings. With the right PPC marketing strategies, your company will get noticed by your target audience, which are the people who can actually use your moving services.  

Once the leads are activated thanks to PPC ads for movers, potential customers will then be directed to your website where they can learn more about your services. This is where top-notch content marketing skills will also come in handy. You can get the leads through PPC marketing and then ask your marketing professional to ensure the leads convert to sales with high quality content marketing.  

PPC Lead Generation

How Does Marketing Moving Help Moving Companies? 

Marketing Moving creates the ideal Pay Per Click marketing campaigns for our clients.  

  • Marketing Moving can help your moving company realize all your PPC marketing goals.  
  • Marketing Moving’s professional digital marketing personnel will do an extensive amount of research on the right PPC marketing campaigns for your company. With that research combined with our team’s professional knowledge, we will craft an engaging PPC campaign specifically for your moving company. 

Once your Pay Per Click advertising campaign is set into motion, you can watch as your PPC ads for movers get noticed and create leads for your company that may ultimately turn into moving appointments for new customers.   

Get Your PPC Campaign Started with Marketing Moving

Now that you know more about PPC marketing for your moving company, it is a great time to put this ad campaign into motion. The sooner you start displaying PPC ads for your moving company, the quicker you will gain leads and resulting sales. Our team will evaluate your moving company marketing needs and develop a PPC campaign that works best for your business. We can create PPC ads for movers on different platforms and evaluate which ones work best for your industry.  

What Are We and What Do We Offer? 

Marketing Moving is a full-service online marketing company that can fulfill all your advertising and marketing needs. In addition to PPC campaigns, our professional team members offer content marketing, website design, search engine optimization services (SEO), and many other digital experience services. We tailor each campaign to fit the needs of the business and make your company stand out in your specific area of industry. With our help, you can create leads and then turn those leads into actual sales.   

What Do Our Clients Say?  

Our clients trust our team members to create the ideal online marketing campaign and website experience for their customers. We offer a wide array of online marketing services, including PPC ads for movers, that help our customers achieve their individual goals and bring in new customers. We work with our customers through every step of their online marketing plan to produce the results they want and need.